Guide. Inspire. Protect.

“I’m Dr. Nesmith and after eighteen years of growing a practice I am ready to help families in a whole new way. Through a whole child approach, parental education, and expert medical care I will assist you in raising a child who is healthy physically, mentally and emotionally.“

Our Vision

Our focus on mental health, preventative medicine, and successful parenting strategies, while at the same time keeping your child physically healthy, will allow your child to thrive.

Our Mission

Our mission at Lighthouse Pediatrics is to enable parents to raise children who become the best possible version of themselves.

Our Concept

Lighthouses have historically served many vital purposes. Not only do they tell a mariner where to go but also alert them of potential dangers. To a tired sailor they provide hope of finally reaching their destination. The role of a parent parallels that of the lighthouse. First and foremost, protecting our children, especially at the youngest of ages, from life’s inherent dangers. Care of the infant, immunizations, and home safety are examples. Second, guiding the child as they navigate the chaos of early childhood, the social dilemmas of elementary school, and the murky waters of adolescence. Last, as parents we should aspire to inspire our children to achieve great things in life. To give them hope and a vision of success. To provide a solid and unwavering pathway to being a responsible adult.

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