Gut Health

What in the world is “gut health” anyway?   And how does it affect my overall health?   I mean, I poop every day and I think it’s pretty normal … 
Well, gut health is at the forefront of modern research and what scientists are finding is very enlightening.   The gut-brain connection is real and immensely important.   The relationship between gut health and body inflammation is strong.
Although this field of science is young and still very much changing, several early conclusions can be made. 

  • Diversity / variety in diet is best for the microbiome of the gut
  • Certain foods are known to produce amino acids that decrease
  • Inflammatory markers(and
  • Inflammation drives chronic disease …)
  • Probiotics are immensely individually different and unproven
  • Avoid processed foods at all cost

So as you are ramping up your fitness training, and as you are modifying your lifestyle to minimize life stressors, don’t forget about your gut.    What you feed your body may very well be determining what happens to you down the road.