I’m confused

So I’m standing in the health food aisle at my local grocery store, staring at the plethora of choices. Protein bars galore. Keto-friendly options. Gluten free. High carbs, low cabs. Plant-based powders. How much protein do I need? 10 grams? 30 grams? Will this upset my stomach? And what the hell is Kombucha anyway?
It really can be overwhelming. And everyone has an opinion about what the ideal diet entails. Even the elites of the running world disagree.
Matt Fitzgerald, in his book “The Endurance Diet,” outlines what he feels are the five core habits of successful endurance runners.

  • Eat everything
  • Eat quality
  • Eat carbohydrates
  • Eat enough
  • Eat individually

There is no one size fits all nutrition plan.But generally speaking, IF you are running or exercising regularly, these 5 tenets work. So check it out, read and educate yourself, find what works for you.